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Services - E-shop: Business conditions

Business conditions


Particular agreements are enclosed upon electronic orders/indents sent from buyer. Order has to contain:
  • seller – company and its headquarters
  • buyer – name and surname, title, commercial company and residence, registered office or home address of buyer, identification number and tax identification number of buyer if its in commercial - business, telephone, e-mail of buyer
  • product code which is definitely mentioned in subject of an order (code from the letters and numbers clearly defines ordered products in the basket of the e-shop)
  • amount of items of the product
  • payment choice
  • address for delivery
  • invoicing address (if different from delivery address).

Order confirmation

Upon agreement the selling of the product is realised by the seller to the buyer and it is established upon obligatory order confirmation by the client. Upon order from the buyer seller will sent an information about registration of an order. The confirmation includes information about type of the product, preliminary cost and amount of items ordered. After obtaining an information about registration client will confirm the order. Obligatory is confirmation in e-mail form which is realised after sending and electronic order (automaticly generated confirmation of delivery an order to the system it is not concerned as obligatory). From both sides confirmed order (or its part) is concerned as obligatory for both sides if terms and conditions are not infringed.

Payment conditions

In advance via bank transfer or bank deposit to the sellers bank account in UniCreditBank Slovakia, account number: 6622581003/1111.

Other system of payments are upon agreements between seller and buyer upon order confirmation.

Product delivery

Seller and buyer agreed with below mentioned type of delivery within Slovak Republic area. Conditions of delivery ordered items:
  • order confirmation
  • payment transfers for ordered products to seller account.

Type of delivery

Products delivery within Bratislava is realised by the sellers consideration. Products delivery outside of Bratislava is realised by the parcel service chosen by the buyer in process of order – expences are up to buyer. Supplier is reserving the rights in case of necessary changes with type of delivery items.


If the whole amount of electronic order is more than Sk 5000,- (excl. VAT) and products weight is up to 20kg transport within Bratislava are free of charge. If the whole amount of electronic order is more than Sk 20000,- (excl. VAT) and products weight is up to 20kg transport within Bratislava are free of charge. If the whole amount of electronic order is not more than Sk 20000,- (excl. VAT) transport within Slovak Republic is charged Sk 130,- (excl VAT). If the whole amount of electronic order is not more than Sk 5000,- (excl. VAT) and products weight is up to 20kg transport is charged Sk 130,- (excl VAT).


Is by full impliance with the slovak law.

Resignation of agreement

By impliace with the slovak law client has the rights to resign from agreement up to 7 days from receivening the product without giving any reason. If you with to resign in this term please follow the below mentioned conditions.

Contact us if you wish to resign from the agreement with order number, date of purchase and your account number with address for credit note.

If you have already received the products, please sent it back to our address which can be found in section contact within this conditions:
  • products item must be in the same package as it was sent
  • products can not be damaged
  • products must be complete (including accessories, certificate, manual, etc.)
Product should be sent by registered mail and insured as we do not guarantee its lost meanwhile shipping. Do not sent the product via "collect on delivery". When all above mentioned conditions will be accomplished then the credit note can be sent to your account within 14 days after the product delivery.

When mentioned conditions will not complete unfortunately we can not accept your resignation from the agreement and product will be returened with expences upon the previous sender.

Order cancelation

Order cancelation by the buyer:
Buyer has the rights to cancel an order anytime before its obligatory confirmation. After the obligatory confirmation only in case that seller has not accomplished the agreed conditions of delivery. In case of cancelation of confirmed order the sellers compulsory is to pay to buyer harm caused by such dealing.

Cancellation of an order on the part of supplier:
The seller reserves the right to cancel an order or its part in these cases:
  • a binding order is not possible to acknowledge (incorrect telephone number, inaccessible client, client does not reply e-mails, etc.)
  • the product is no longer produced or delivered, the price of the product has been considerably changed by supplier
In case of this kind of situation the seller will immediately contact the purchaser in order to reach an agreement on subsequent steps. In case the purchaser has paid a part or the total sum of price, the amount will be transferred into his/her account or sent to his/her address within 15 days.

Personal data protection

If the purchaser is a physical person, he/she is supposed to provide this information: name and surname, full mail address, e-mail address, telephone number. The information is essential for the identification of the purchaser and possible communication. Moreover, if the purchaser is a legal person, while being registered, the following information is needed: company name, company registration number (IČO), tax identification number (DIČ). This allows to effect an essential accounting transaction, to issue a tax document (habitually required by both parties), or to identify the purchaser´s remittance. The seller protects the buyer´s personal information against misuse. The seller collects the information to improve the quality of services and does not provide the third party with the information without the permission of the buyer. Using online shopping the buyer agrees to a collection and use of the information about him/her and his/her shopping according to the above rules.

Other agreements

The buyer claims that he/she is acquainted with the sale conditions and he/she is agreeable to them.